This is the place for the stuff I make.

(Besides, like, messes. 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Hi. I'm Tova

I've been an artist my whole life. I only started calling myself one at 40.

"Product Designer."
That's what I was. Because that's what I was paid to do while I built my family and learned how to adult.

If I called myself an artist people asked "What's your medium?"

I never really had a 'good' answer so I felt like a fraud.

Well screw that.

I'm an artist. Always have been. Nice to meet you.


My collections reflect my life journey

👉🏼 From launching my first biz as a handbag designer in the late 1900's
👉🏼 to helping pregnancy and babyloss moms (& people in general) unlock healing through creativity and self-expression,
👉🏼 to motivational TedX speaker,
👉🏼 to fine artist and TikTok content creator
...I like to keep myself busy.

"I like the way your brain works"

--Just a compliment I once received that stuck with me.